Tunnel Vision

Queued for a heroic and got Deadmines, but failed on the thresher boss with the druid and another person doing less than 5k dps. We wiped on that boss a few times and it was clear 2 people did not know the fight, the tank bailed and then I left.

After that I got Stonecore with a guy who did not know how to tank it, but other than 3 wipes on bad pulls, and 1 wipe on Ozruk, it went ok. Didn’t pick up any gear in either run.

Later ran arena with Acks on his warrior and got cap pretty quickly. I am doing better on my mage mostly because I am trying harder to use all my crowd control first rather than trying to damage someone down, and running to hide and heal up even if it’s 2 to 1. Sort of learned that when doing arena with Alex.

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