Called it

Early yesterday I predicted that we would lose Arkwin and Ith today, and we did.  At around 7:30 only a few people for the raid were on, and at 8 we were still missing a number of people, and had to try to pug which I knew would greatly displease the great and mighty Arkwin.  We got in BoT with a full raid only Stonewell left in a huff and “alt f4’d” according to Arkwin when he said that we were not doing heroics (“with this group are you kidding me?”) tonight.  I waited for the inevitable when 8:20 hit and we were still not pulling, and he said something along the lines of “you guys all suck, this has been the worst guild ever” and he and ith gquit in the same breath.  He logged vent so he didn’t hear me call him an asshole.

Then he logged in his alt and said this


to which I replied:


before I blocked him. Chalk it up to yet another mage being a douchebag prick. Yes, go find a perfect group that always has people on, on time all the time and never makes mistakes.  I wish you luck.  I prefer a more forgiving play style but I do play it “as a hobby”.

Anyway we reformed and got up to Cho’gall down then called it.  We have not been in BWD at all this week.

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