Ballsy yeah I know I have no gear DUH

Tonight we had a fun run scheduled but I ended up more stressed than anything.  We took over an hour to fill the group, and while waiting I was looking up gear for guildies.  One was missing an enchant as a shaman and was missing 4 mail pieces.  Another was missing 5 glyphs, another 3 glyphs, and a few had under the requested 355 item level, by more than a few points.  Another was like 343 ilevel and known to have bad dps just from dungeons.  So, good times.

The shaman we brought is also known for being bad, and they did not help themselves by repeatedly saying, in raid no less, things like “I’m lagging a bunch”, “I’ve never healed this before”, “I don’t know these fights at all” etc.  We had a real ass  shaman from guild Void named Coolaid, something I think, who was continually snotty in vent, but did accurately point out that said shaman was misgeared, to which we gave her standard ballsy reply of “yeah I know I’m here for gear” which is the same thing she said in a ZG run when people busted on her terrible dps.  They also had terrible healing at 5k overall and per fight. Anyway the people that did not know the twin dragon fight didn’t speak up, we wiped the first attempt, and when the second one went poorly the guy logged out mid raid.  Ass.  He was the kind that doesn’t say anything during a fight to help out but speaks up after the fact, which to me is just too late.



We got up to Ascendant Council but people didn’t know that fight, combined with the terrible healing and dps, we tried twice and quit.  I did end up with Book of Binding Will, but I’d rather spend my limited time playing getting very little done, doing something else. I am enjoying the tricks of a mage again though, popping out of stuns to do interupts and such.  I need to make a stop casting macro for my counterspell though.

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