Mage T11

This week I was invited to team 3’s raid where we had planned on clearing out all raids.  We did all of BoT and I got the shoulders from Cho’gall, got a spirit helm (crown of burning waters) which was a massive upgrade from the 346 blue I still had, got a nice crit trinket  (Bell of Enraging Resonance) I will use when I make a frost raid spec (arcane is so boring) and we cleared all of BWD.


It’s kind of like Wrath all over again when I finally got the LK down after so many fails where it’s like, that was it? Granted it has been nerfed, so it’s easier but I can definitely say whatever went wrong the other times, it wasn’t healers causing the trouble.  And now finally, all my gear MATCHES!


We should be trying for Ala’kir tomorrow.  That will be interesting since I’ve only ever healed, and on the Rohash platform.

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