He spec’d sarcasm

Got in a pug Firelands raid today and one of the tanks, Microsaccade was being sarcastic and insulting about most of the process, the entire time.  Hi, guy? It’s a pug, relax.


We got Beth down, then Shannox where I rolled an awesome 13 on the Coalwalker Sandals, and tried Rhyo.  We got him to the last phase on the first try but healing was low and no one got topped off after the initial stomp, and we died.  The tank and Raliden, on his shaman, were explaining the fight a little further, which I appreciated.  However then the tank asked Ral to define what “doing it right” meant with “does it mean slow dps and waste time” and I replied “if you are sarcastic yes” and they went offline shortly after that.  The druid healer had gone offline and didn’t come back earlier than that, and the other tank left and by then it was just time to stop.

Also got arena cap with a shadow/disc priest I ran into randomly named Apöllo. Got cap pretty quick and went 5-2. It seems like standing flagged near the pvp vendors you can pick up a partner without even trying.

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