Don’t Tell Me What to Do

For some reason dps think they can tell healers what to do in a battleground.  I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to guard a base with someone, but I will if it’s repeatedly getting hit and my healing keeps it defended.  I’m not your bitch, I’ll heal how I see fit.


This one, another player is telling others to kick me, because I was at FRR with a druid for a little bit.

I ran Heroic 25m Firelands with Barn and Traps (pretty funny hunter) the other day, and got these shoulders.  Now I regret not picking up the dagger weapon for when I get the heroic Alysrazor’s Razor, which has purple flames.


CHICKENS!  The roosters I dipped in the water to cool them down.  Randy Roosters! WoWScrnShot_060614_141648WoWScrnShot_060314_160953

And Wrathion would be a little more awe-inspiring if he didn’t look like a whelp.


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