The 7 Steps of Backpedaling Denial

I’m not even kidding, I ran into this today.  The rogue I met back in Crossroads named Styxz was online and we started talking.  He invited me to come out to Crossroads and fight him.  I killed him repeatedly on my hunter, then Barn also killed him a bunch.  We noticed he was back pedaling and gave friendly advice on gear, gems, talents, and keybinding.   I’m totally going to sketch and or screenie this though.

Step 1:  Disbelief

Wow, can’t believe I just died to you.

Step 2:  Denial

I was lagging, I keep lagging.

Step 3:  Anger

You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?  This is probably the only time you can 1v1 anyone, isn’t it?

Step 4:  Bargaining

Hang on I’m going to change specs, then I’ll kill you just wait.

Step 5:  Guilt

I’m a clicker

Step 6: Depression

Ahh I can’t do this! I set up a keybind but I keep hitting the wrong skills!

Step 7: Acceptance and Hope

I’m going to practice this, and when I get better you’ll be dead faster than a raccoon on a highway at rush hour.

(No, I am not making this up)



Speaking of, prior to that I killed a druid who was stealthed in Halaa (yes 90), then killed a 90 DK, then killed a 90 hunter.  The other day I also killed a 90 warlock with a 90 holy paladin, some 6-7 times until they logged.  No lie.   They wouldn’t stop attacking Eastpoint Tower low level npcs!



I also killed a 90 hunter, and druid at a the Hellfire stadium tower prior to that.  Being rude to someone trying to help you out, isn’t very cool.

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