Firelands Quests

Well, making some progress on the Firelands quests.


Catching up over the weekend, we got down MajorDomo Staghelm and I got the Jaws of Defeat trinket. Then we went on to work on Ragnaros and made it to second phase a few times.


I was loathe to give up Core of Ripeness as a mana regen tool for the Eye of Blazing Power, so I equipped the Jaws item instead.  The Eye trinket, I may equip for battlegrounds or arena though, might be useful, or on fights where I know I can manage my mp fine with with my normal class utilities.

I tried to run RBGs last night but got in bad ones where we got Twin Peaks twice, and were destroyed each time.  I got CC’d so hard I couldn’t do anything and died.  Basically we had a FC and 2 healers running the flag, and the rest of the dps were supposed to be handling mid.  Instead it ended up where the FC and I ran through mid with the opposing team having EVERYONE there, and we got rolled.  Didn’t get a single flag capture.

Then stayed up way, way too late doing arena with Jan.


but I am very grateful I got close to cap, I thought I might miss it this week again. I’ve done very little arena this season so far.

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