Deadfrog is MEAN

The nasty priest I picked up some nasty tips from showed up in Halaa in the afternoon.  But before I get to that, the mage that I easily kill solo showed up a few times.  He also showed up with a hunter, and I killed him with both of them attacking, then turned and killed the hunter.  That must have been embarrassing.  The mage then came on his alliance paladin to tell me I was good:


He also insisted we duel where I handed him his ass without ever having to directly heal myself.  Note: don’t start EVERY duel popping barrier, and mirrors.  I’ll just SG and fear them all and dispel you like crazy.

Then later a hunter, who turns out to be Deadfrog, showed up with a boomkin and WRECKED the Halaa guards in record time.  They also killed me when I couldn’t keep up with all the silences.  Then an alliance warlock helped me out and we destroyed them.  But since it was the same guild, DogsofWar, I knew once they lost a fair fight they would come back with more and they did.  Warlock, boomy and the priest.  We fought so long I went oom and had to drop combat to drink.  But after getting dead a few times I swapped to horde and we talked, and I made a btag friend.

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